cover page-JBSEE

Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies
ISSN: 2519-089X
ISSN(Online): 2519-0326
Editor’s Email:
Frequency: Quarterly

cover page-JAFEE

Journal of Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies
ISSN: 2519-0318
ISSN(Online): 2518-8488
Editor’s Email:
Frequency: Quarterly

cover page-READS - Copy

Review of Economics and Development Studies [New Journal Website]
ISSN: 2519-9692
ISSN(Online): 2519-9706
Archive: 2015-2019
Frequency: Quarterly

The ownership and publishing transferred to SPCRD w.e.f March 9th 2020.

SBSEE-cover page

Sustainable Business and Society in Emerging Economies
ISSN: 2708-2504
ISSN(Online): 2708-2172
Editor’s Email:
Frequency: Quarterly

RELATE-cover page-vol 1 issue 1 2019

Responsible Education, Learning and Teaching in Emerging Economies
ISSN: 2708-4310
ISSN(Online): 2708-4183
Editor’s Email:
Frequency: Biannual

ROPE Cover Page Vol 1 Issue 1 2019

Review of Politics and Public Policy in Emerging Economies
ISSN: 2708-3829
ISSN(Online): 2708-356X
Editor’s Email:
Frequency: Biannual