The Mutual Rights and Duties of the Public and the Sovereignty in the Teachings of Nahj Al-balagha

  • Hamed Purrostami University of Tehran, Iran
Keywords: Rights of the Public, Duties the Sovereignty, Nahj Al-Balagha, Religion, Ali Ibn Abitalib


Mutual duties and rights between people and sovereignty is one of the strategic and significant issues in the contemporary world. In the Islamic teachings especially Nahjulbalaghah it is not that the right is allocated to the ruler and government and on the other hand people only have duties and responsibilities. Rather the ruler has the significant duties even if he would be innocent. Among the strategic tasks of the ruler and leader are: Benevolence, Fair distribution of wealth and management of education system. These duties are, at the same time, the rights of the people and the ruler. On the other hand, people have duties in front of the Islamic ruler. In other words, these duties are rights of Religious Governance including loyalty to sovereignty, Support and response to demands of authority and etc. It is worthy to mention, the main aim of these rights and duties has been devised to provide the felicitous life for people in the world and hereafter.


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