The Review of Politics and Public Policy in Emerging Economies (ROPE) under ISSN: 2708-3829 and eISSN: 2708-356X is a peer-reviewed research journal published  bi-annually by CSRC Publishing, Center for Sustainability Research and Consultancy Pakistan. There is a variety of journals in the area of public policy and governance but most of them publish primarily the Western discourse on political, public policy, governance and strategic studies while the perspective from emerging and developing economies rarely gets a place in academic debates. The goal of ROPE is to publish autonomous, objective and innovative research carrying a profound impact in political, public policy, governance and strategic studies around the world in general and for the emerging economies in particular. It aims to project policy-oriented research based on standard academic research methodology.

ROPE aims to publish studies that provide substantive empirical support and/or logically sound arguments and new insights into the limitations of previous work. ROPE is interested in papers that are constructive in nature and suggest how issues from political and strategic perspectives can be adopted to offer fresh outlooks and insights on newly emerging international phenomena. The subject coverage of ROPE is in the areas: International Relations; Strategic Studies; Public Policy and Public Management; Governance; Peace Studies; Conflict Resolution; Arms Control, Nonproliferation & Disarmament; War Studies; Nuclear Studies; and Terrorism with focus on emerging and developing economies. The journal will serve as a platform for academics, professionals, govt officials, NGOs personnel to bridge the public policy and governance with sustainable development issues through scientific research and policy discourse.