The journal Sustainable Business and Society in Emerging Economies (ISSN: 2708-2504 & eISSN: 2708-2172) is an open access peer-reviewed research journal published bi-annually by CSRC Publishing, Center for Sustainability Research and Consultancy Pakistan. The journal seeks to bridge and strengthen the link between business activities and society development around myriad of sustainability issues with focus on emerging and developing economies. The content coverage highlights how business organizations can be responsible towards society in pursuing their value added activities. The journal also bring forward issues in social and behavioral sciences for their implications for business organization and their activities in emerging and developing economies.  The journal is a platform for business people, academics, and others involved in the contemporary debate about the responsible role of business organizations and society towards each other. Coverage inlcudes various areas of social and behavioral sciences including management sciences. The journal welcomes papers from all those working in this important area, including researchers and business professionals, members of the legal profession, government administrators and many others.