Review of Economics and Development Studies


Dr. Fatima Farooq




The publishing and ownership of Review of Economics and Development Studies (READS) have been transferred to South Punjab Center for Research and Development – Pakistan (SPCRD) w.e.f MARCH 9TH, 2020. Click the link for details

Frequency: Quarterly
ISSN (Print): 2519-9692
ISSN(Online): 2519-9706

HEC Approved Journal in “Y” Category of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences


Review of Economics and Development Studies (READS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed Multidisciplinary research journal published quarterly by CSRC Publishing, Center for Sustainability Research and Consultancy Pakistan. The journal is independently managed by Editor–in–Chief with the assistance of Advisory Board and associate fellows of CSRC comprising of distinguished faculty at higher education institutions. The journal aims to cover topics and issues in various sub-areas of economics and development studies in general and particularly in the context of emerging and developing economies. The major and significant purpose of this journal is to highlight the theoretical and applied issues faced by economic managers, businesses and society in the economies. The journal especially welcomes submissions which cover the topical areas related to sustainable economic development in emerging and developing economies.

The journal also covers all disciplines of social sciences in the context of development studies. READS disseminates quality research in all disciplines of Economics and Development Studies in Social Sciences. The subscribers are universities, research institutions, government institutions, NGOs and individual researchers.

The views expressed in all research papers published in the READS are only of authors and not of the editor or the publisher. The authors are responsible for their views expressed in their published research papers in READS.

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